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Scientific Research Institute “Russian Research & Development Institute of Food Biotechnology”

The Russian Research & Development Institute of Food Biotechnology is a branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science “Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnologies”.

Team of the Russian Research & Development Institute of Food Biotechnology

The Russian Research & Development Institute of Food Biotechnology is the only institute of alcohol, liquor, yeast, and vinegar industry in Russia. It is an industrial research center which carries out fundamental and applied R&D work on biotechnological and membrane processes in the food industry, as well as technologies of agricultural raw materials processing.

For 90 years, the Russian Research & Development Institute of Food Biotechnology has been the main developer of technologies and formulations of vodkas and other strong alcoholic drinks in Russia and the CIS countries.

Director of the Institute, Irina Mikhailovna Abramova

Doctor of Engineering Science, Vice-Chairwoman of the Technical Committee No. 176 (Technical Committee on Standardization “Ethyl Alcohol, Alcoholic and Alcohol-containing Products”, Chairwoman of the Subcommittee No. 2 (SC No. 2). Chairwoman of the “EURASIA SPIRITS DRINKS” tasting panel

The Institute provides scientific and technical, legal, and information support for development of more than a thousand food industry companies.

It is a lead organization that works on international and federal projects on scientific challenges in plant raw materials bioconversion and enzyme preparation biotechnologies in the agribusiness sectors.

It is a center that develops methods of design and introduction of distillery security systems based on the HAССP principles in order to produce the safest alcohol products.

Irina Mikhailovna Abramova, Chairwoman of the Competition Expert Panel, Marina Eduardovna Medrish, Secretary of the Competition Expert Panel

Since July 2008, the Test Laboratory of Russian Research & Development Institute of Food Biotechnology has been a certification authority of the Voluntary Certification System “ALCOLUX”, the core activities of which being the following:

1.to detect ingredients and combinations thereof in alcoholic drink formulations, which can have a negative effect on toxic properties of ethyl alcohol;

2. to provide consultative assistance to distilleries in formulating in order to produce the safest alcohol products;

3. to create and promote vodkas with a low level of toxicity

Russian Research & Development Institute of Food Biotechnology website: www.Russian Research & Development Institute of Food Biotechnology.info

The awards granted by the Expert Commission, which consists of the best tasters of Russia and neighboring countries, positive assessment of retail chains create
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O.F. Sozinova, Head of Engineering and Manufacturing Laboratory of SORDIS LLC
The four gold medals awarded to the alcohols of Rosspirtprom JSC became a great honour for the company, a confirmation of the high quality of our products,
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I. Gosteva, Director of the Alcohol Production Department
We express our gratitude to the hosts and experts of the tasting panel of the «EURASIA SPIRITS DRINKS 2020» competition for the high level of the event and professionalism.
Permalco JSC
Participation in the competition for «KiN» is an opportunity to compare the level of its products with a wide range of alcoholic drinks from a number of countries.
V. Goncharov, General Director of MVKZ «KiN»
The competition was held according to all the rules, at a high professional level, was honest and objective.
T.A. Kukhta, Deputy Director General of Syktyvkarsky LVZ JSC
For the participants of the competition who want to get an objective assessment, the professional level of experts bears the paramount importance. The strong aspire to the strong. This was shown by the first competition.
L. Krivomazova, editor-in-chief of the magazine «Russian Vodka»
I congratulate the hosts of this big competition, which is of great importance in the life of the industry.
E.N. Sidorov, Director General of the MordovAlkoProm LLC
At this competition, alcohol producers can also get an assessment of their products by the level of technological and methodological equipment in matters of environmental friendliness of their products.
A.B. Danilovtseva, Deputy Director General of the Rosspirtprom JSC
The awards of Competition become a confirmation of the highest level of quality and safety of alcohol drinks.
V. Spirin, President of the Association of producers of «Russian Vodka»
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