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General Terms of Participation

To take part in the “EURASIA SPIRITS DRINKS” Competition 2023:

  • Fill in the Application form specifying the categories you are going to participate in and send it to the Competition Host by e-mail: 2020esd@mail.ru (Download an application form for vodkas and alcoholic drinks, download an application form for alcohols).
  • Based on the Application we prepare a contract and an invoice and send them to you in response to your e-mail.
  • A soft copy of the signed contract is to be sent by e-mail to the Competition Host
  • It is necessary to pay the invoice until 17 January, 2024.
  • The samples of the products in total amount of not less than 2.5L properly packed in sales packaging are to be sent by mail TO: Russian Research & Development Institute of Food Biotechnology, the Branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science “Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnologies” (labeled as “Samples for ESD Competition”), WHERETO: 4-Б Samokatnaya str., off. 316, Moscow, 111033 (to Marina).
  • Every sample of vodkas, special vodkas and alcoholic drinks has to have a certificate of quality (with an attached chromatogram), a sampling certificate and a copy of the certificate of conformity.
  • Imported alcoholic drinks submitted for the Competition by Russian organizations must bear the name of the manufacturer and the importer on the labels.
  • Every sample of alcohol has to have a certificate of quality, a sampling certificate detailing the kind grain used for production of the sample, a copy of the certificate of conformity and an alcohol manufacturing license (when this activity is supposed to be licensed in the manufacturing country).
  • If you are going to participate in the “RETAIL CHAINS’ CHOICE” category, it is necessary to send additional samples in amount of 0.5L properly packed in sales packaging and labeled as “Samples for “RETAIL CHAINS’ CHOICE” category”.
Only previously selected samples that received the gold prize from the Expert Panel in the key category in the corresponding price segment are subject to evaluation in the “RETAIL CHAINS’ CHOICE” category.

“EURASIA SPIRITS DRINKS” Competition 2024 schedule:

  • Submission of applications until 31 December, 2023
  • Conclusion of a contract (number of samples and range of categories to be specified) until 31 December, 2023
  • Paying for the participation until 17 January, 2024
  • Submission of samples from 1 December, 2023 to 17 January, 2024
  • Expert Panel work (tasting of samples) on 17-19 January, 2024
  • The award ceremony in Moscow approximately on 21 March, 2024

Competition participation fee:

  • Competition participation fee for the key categories is 17,000 rubles for each submitted sample in one category.
  • Competition participation fee for the special categories (“RETAIL CHAINS’ CHOICE”, ECO style”, “NEW style”, “NEW technology”) is 6,000 rubles for each submitted sample in one category.
The samples that were tasted in the key categories of the Competition are to be evaluated in special categories of the Competition.

Competition participation fee includes:

  • Evaluation of samples by the Expert Panel tasters in the presence of independent observers (including representatives of retail chains) who monitor compliance with the rules of the Competition.
  • Visiting of roundtable discussions in the presence of representatives of retail chains and regulatory authorities on issues of quality and safety improvement of alcoholic drinks and discussion of the experience of Russian and foreign manufacturers in this field.
  • Presence of the applicant’s representative at the medal awards and banquets.
  • Publication of the medalists register on the Competition website
  • Distribution of the information about the medalists of the Competition on specialized web portals.
  • Publication of the information about the medalists of the Competition in leading and industry-specific media in Russia and abroad.
The awards granted by the Expert Commission, which consists of the best tasters of Russia and neighboring countries, positive assessment of retail chains create
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O.F. Sozinova, Head of Engineering and Manufacturing Laboratory of SORDIS LLC
The four gold medals awarded to the alcohols of Rosspirtprom JSC became a great honour for the company, a confirmation of the high quality of our products,
read full review
I. Gosteva, Director of the Alcohol Production Department
We express our gratitude to the hosts and experts of the tasting panel of the «EURASIA SPIRITS DRINKS 2020» competition for the high level of the event and professionalism.
Permalco JSC
Participation in the competition for «KiN» is an opportunity to compare the level of its products with a wide range of alcoholic drinks from a number of countries.
V. Goncharov, General Director of MVKZ «KiN»
The competition was held according to all the rules, at a high professional level, was honest and objective.
T.A. Kukhta, Deputy Director General of Syktyvkarsky LVZ JSC
For the participants of the competition who want to get an objective assessment, the professional level of experts bears the paramount importance. The strong aspire to the strong. This was shown by the first competition.
L. Krivomazova, editor-in-chief of the magazine «Russian Vodka»
I congratulate the hosts of this big competition, which is of great importance in the life of the industry.
E.N. Sidorov, Director General of the MordovAlkoProm LLC
At this competition, alcohol producers can also get an assessment of their products by the level of technological and methodological equipment in matters of environmental friendliness of their products.
A.B. Danilovtseva, Deputy Director General of the Rosspirtprom JSC
The awards of Competition become a confirmation of the highest level of quality and safety of alcohol drinks.
V. Spirin, President of the Association of producers of «Russian Vodka»
partners of the competition